6 Effective Solutions to Resolve Discord Not Displaying Spotify Status

One of the key reasons for the immense popularity of Discord is its seamless integration with third-party apps and services. By linking your Discord account with platforms like PlayStation or Spotify, you can easily display the game you’re playing or the music you’re listening to. However, some users have encountered issues with Discord not showing their Spotify status within the app. If you’re facing the same problem, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s embark on a troubleshooting journey to resolve this issue. Here are the steps you can take:

1. Enable Spotify Status on Discord:

When you initially connect your Spotify account to Discord, the app automatically grants permission to display Spotify as your status. However, if you disabled this feature due to privacy concerns, follow the steps below to re-enable it.

For Discord Desktop:
– Launch the Discord app on your desktop, then click on “Settings” next to your username.
– From the left sidebar, select “Connections.”
– Toggle on the option that says “Display Spotify as your status.”

For Discord Mobile:
– Open the Discord app on your phone.
– Tap on your Discord profile icon located in the bottom-left corner, then select “Connections.”
– Under the “Spotify” section, toggle on the option that says “Display Spotify as your status.”

If you recently changed your Spotify account password, it could be the reason why your Spotify status isn’t showing up on Discord. To fix this issue, you need to relink your Spotify account within Discord. Follow the instructions below.

For Discord Desktop:
– Launch the Discord app on your desktop, then click on “Settings” next to your username.
– From the left sidebar, click the “x” mark next to your Spotify account.
– Confirm your decision by clicking “Disconnect.”
– You’ll see the Spotify app icon at the top; click on it.
– Sign in with your Spotify account details and grant the necessary permissions.

For Discord Mobile:
– Open the Discord app on your phone, then tap your profile icon located in the bottom-left corner.
– Select “Connections.”
– Tap the “x” mark next to Spotify, then choose “Disconnect.”
– Tap on “Add” at the top and select Spotify.
– Login with your Spotify account details, and the integration should now work seamlessly.

3. Clear Discord Cache:

A corrupt Discord cache can often cause issues like Spotify not showing on Discord. To resolve this, you can clear the Discord cache. Please note that these steps won’t affect your existing connections on the platform. Let’s begin with the instructions for desktop apps.

For Discord Desktop (Windows):
– Press the Windows + E keyboard shortcut to open the File Explorer.
– Navigate to the following path (replace “Username” with your account name): C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming
– Double-click on the “Discord” folder to open it.
– Locate the “Cache,” “Code Cache,” and “GPUCache” folders and delete them from your PC.
– Empty the Trash Bin to completely remove those folders.

For Discord Desktop (Mac):
– Launch Finder and click on “Go” in the Menu bar.
– Select “Go to Folder.”
– Enter the address below and hit Return: ~/Library/Application Support/discord/
– Move the “Cache,” “Code Cache,” and “GPUCache” folders to the Bin.

For Discord Mobile:
– Long-press on the Discord app icon and tap the “i” icon to open the App info menu.
– Select “Storage and cache” and choose “Clear cache.”

4. Disable the Game Activity Status Message:

Your current gaming activity might conflict with Spotify’s ability to display your listening preferences on Discord. To prevent this conflict, you’ll need to disable the game activity status message for platforms like Steam or Epic Games.

For Discord Desktop:
– Launch the Discord app on your desktop and click on “Settings” next to your username.
– From the left sidebar, select “Connections.”
– Disable the “Display on profile” toggle for Steam or any other gaming accounts.

For Discord Mobile:
– Launch the Discord app and tap your profile icon located in the bottom-right corner.
– Select “Connections” and disable the “Display on profile” toggle for Steam, Epic Games, or Xbox.

5. Check Discord Status:

Sometimes, when Discord experiences server-side outages, it can lead to issues with basic tasks like displaying Spotify status. To ensure everything is functioning correctly, visit the Discord dedicated server status website. If there is a major outage, you’ll need to wait for Discord to resolve the issue from their end. You can find the server status website by searching “Discord server status” on your preferred search engine.

6. Update Discord:

Outdated versions of the Discord desktop and mobile apps may encounter problems displaying Spotify status. To resolve this, simply restart the Discord desktop app, and it will automatically download the latest update. Mobile users can visit the Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iPhone) to download and install the newest Discord build.

Share Your Music Preference in Discord:

Discord is designed to work seamlessly with third-party apps like Spotify. If the app fails to display your listening preferences, it undermines the purpose of integrating such features. Hopefully, the troubleshooting steps provided above will quickly resolve any issues you’re facing. Now, let’s move on to answer some frequently asked questions:

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1. How can I integrate Spotify with Discord?
To integrate Spotify with Discord, follow these steps:
– Launch Discord and go to “Settings” by clicking your username.
– Select “Connections” from the left sidebar.
– Toggle on the option that says “Display Spotify as your status” under Spotify.

2. Why is my Spotify status not showing on Discord?
There could be several reasons why your Spotify status isn’t showing on Discord, such as outdated apps, incorrect account details, or glitches with the network connection.

3. How do I relink my Spotify account on Discord?
To relink your Spotify account on Discord, perform the following steps:
– In Discord’s settings, go to “Connections.”
– Remove the existing Spotify account by clicking the “x” mark.
– Click on “Add,” select Spotify, and provide your Spotify account details to relink it.

4. What should I do if my Spotify status still doesn’t appear on Discord?
If you’ve followed all the troubleshooting steps mentioned above and your Spotify status still fails to show on Discord, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Discord app, as this can sometimes resolve persistent issues.

5. Can I display my Apple Music or YouTube Music status on Discord?
Currently, Discord only supports Spotify integration for displaying music status. Apple Music and YouTube Music integration is not available.

6. Are there any known issues with Discord’s Spotify integration?
From time to time, Discord may experience temporary issues with its Spotify integration due to server-side problems. It’s always a good idea to check the Discord server status website for any reported issues.

7. Is Discord integration available on gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox?
While Discord integration is available for PlayStation, allowing you to display your gaming activity on Discord, it is not currently available for Xbox consoles.

8. Can I set a custom status for Spotify on Discord?
Unfortunately, you cannot set a custom status for Spotify on Discord. The integration automatically displays the song you’re currently listening to or the album cover.

9. How can I completely remove my Spotify account from Discord?
To remove your Spotify account from Discord, go to “Connections” in Discord’s settings, click the “x” mark next to your Spotify account, and confirm the disconnection.

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