7 Nifty Android 21 Hacks That You Must Know

Android 21 Hacks

Elevate Your Android Experience: 7 Must-Know Hacks and Tricks

Android smartphones have revolutionized our daily lives, offering a myriad of features and functionalities. But did you know there are certain hacks and tricks that can further enhance your Android experience? Today, we’re diving into 7 nifty Android hacks that you must know, which will not only make your daily tasks easier but also add an extra layer of security and customization to your device. Let’s explore these Android 21, Android 18, and Android 17 compatible hacks.

1. Task Automation: The Magic of MacroDroid

  • MacroDroid is an intuitive app that automates various tasks on your Android device.
  • Set it up to perform actions like playing a sound when your phone is fully charged.

2. On-the-Go Text Translation: Google Translate App

  • The Android app for Google Translate simplifies translating text without leaving your current app.
  • Just select text and use the three-dot menu to translate instantly.

3. Gesture Customization: All in One Gestures

  • All in One Gestures allows you to create custom gestures for tasks like activating the flashlight or taking screenshots.
  • Save time by avoiding repetitive actions.

4. Multitasking Mastery: Screens

  • Android Nougat’s split-screen mode can be optimized using Screens.
  • Create shortcuts for frequently used app pairs for efficient multitasking.

5. Catch the Crook: CrookCatcher Security

  • CrookCatcher snaps a photo whenever an incorrect password or PIN is entered on your device.
  • It also sends the device location, helping to identify unauthorized access.

6. Equation Solver: Photomath

  • Stuck with a tough equation? Photomath is here to rescue.
  • Point your camera at the equation, and it provides both the solution and the solving steps.

7. Rounded Screen Corners: Cornerfly

  • Get the LG-G6-like rounded screen corners on your device with Cornerfly.
  • Easy to set up, it softens the look of your phone’s display edges.


1. What are Android 21, Android 18, and Android 17 hacks?

These terms often refer to the version of Android your device is running. The hacks mentioned are compatible with various Android versions, including these.

2. Can these hacks improve productivity on any Android device?

Yes, these hacks are designed to enhance efficiency and productivity across a wide range of Android devices.

3. Is the Google Translate app hack limited to certain languages?

No, the Google Translate app supports numerous languages for on-the-fly translation.

4. Do these Android hacks require rooting the device?

No, these hacks do not require rooting your Android device.

5. Are these hacks safe to use on Android 17 and later versions?

Yes, these hacks are safe and designed to work seamlessly with Android 17 and later versions.

6. Can MacroDroid automate complex tasks?

MacroDroid is quite versatile and can automate a range of complex tasks on your Android device.

7. Does CrookCatcher work in the background?

Yes, CrookCatcher works discreetly in the background, activating only when an incorrect password is entered.

8. Is Photomath reliable for solving advanced math problems?

Photomath is highly reliable and can solve a wide range of advanced math problems.

9. Can I customize gestures for any app with All in One Gestures?

Yes, All in One Gestures allows you to customize gestures for almost any app on your Android device.

10. Does Cornerfly affect the display quality?

No, Cornerfly does not affect the display quality; it simply alters the appearance of screen corners.

With these 7 nifty Android hacks, you’re all set to revolutionize your smartphone experience. Whether it’s enhancing productivity, securing your device, or simply giving it a new look, these hacks for Android 21, Android 18, and Android 17 are sure to impress. So go ahead, give them a try, and enjoy a smarter, more efficient Android journey!

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