A Step-by-Step Guide: Writing a Game Review on Steam

A Step-by-Step Guide: Writing a Game Review on Steam:

Want to share your thoughts on a game you’ve played on Steam? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a guide on how to do it.

The go-to destination for all digital gaming needs amongst PC gamers is undoubtedly Steam. Developed by Valve, this platform offers a vast array of video games, sales, DLCs, mods, communities, and multiplayer support, to name just a few standout features. However, Steam has evolved beyond being a mere gaming platform, becoming a platform where the public can voice their opinions about games. You too can be a part of this collective voice by providing constructive criticism for games you own on Steam. In this article, we will guide you on exactly how to do it.

Step 1:

Log into Steam and Locate the Game in Your Library

Before you can write a review on Steam, you must first own the game. You can purchase games either by logging in to Steam’s website or by installing the Steam desktop app on your computer. Follow these steps:

Log in to Steam either through the website or app.

Website: Hover your cursor over your username in the top menu and select “Games” from the dropdown menu.
App: Click on “Library” in the top menu. Your games will be displayed on the left-side menu.
On the website, click on “All Games” to view your entire game collection. On this page, you should be able to skim and find the game you want to review. If you intend to buy the game for reviewing purposes, check out our guide on tips to get the best deals on Steam games to make it a more cost-effective endeavor.
Proceed to the next step when you are ready. Please note that you cannot leave reviews for games using Steam’s mobile app.

Step 2:

Access the Game’s Store Page via the Library Page

To write a review, you need to access the game’s store page instead of the library. If you are using the desktop app, follow these instructions:

  • 1. Select the game you want to review in your library. This action will open up your library page, displaying personal stats about the game.
    2. Click on “Store Page” beneath the game’s art and title.
  • If you are using the website version of Steam, clicking on the game’s title in the menu will automatically take you to the game’s store page.

Step 3:

Leave a Review in the “Write a Review” Section

Once you are on the store page, scroll down until you see the “Write a review” section. It is a rectangular text box where you can enter your review. If you wish to format your text by adding headers, bold or italics, for instance, click on “Formatting help” located in the bottom right corner of the input box for guidance. Additional notes include:

  • – Choose the visibility of your post, whether public or friends-only.
  • – Select a language tag to enhance clarity.
  • – Toggle the “Allow Comments” option to allow other users to add their replies to your review.
  • – Indicate whether you received the product for free or not, which is crucial for transparency.
  • – Finally, indicate whether you recommend the game or not, then click on “Post review.”

How to View, Edit, and Delete Your Steam Review

Once your review is live, you have the ability to make edits and changes. To do so, return to the game’s store page and scroll to the section where the review box used to be. Instead of the box, you will now see “View your review.” Clicking on it will open a section where you can see your review and any comments it has received. On the right side, you will find tabs allowing you to edit the review, delete it, toggle comments, and modify visibility and language options.

Please note that while you cannot leave a review using the mobile Steam app, you can view your reviews by going to Menu > Library > [Game] > My Game Content > My Review.

Additional Information About Steam Reviews:

Here are a few more important details about Steam reviews you should be aware of:

  • – Popular reviews can earn you awards and high ratings, and these awards provide you with Steam points, which can be exchanged for various Steam items.
  • – Steam reviews have a character limit of 8,000 characters, offering sufficient space for your analysis without being overly detailed.
  • – It is possible to add GIFs and screenshots to your reviews. However, you will need to learn how to capture and manage screenshots on Steam before adding them as a link.

That covers everything you need to know about leaving reviews on Steam. Always remember to be polite, honest, and thorough in your reviews. Developing video games is no easy task, and while you are a customer, it’s important to recognize that there are humans behind these games. Your reviews should reflect honesty and be based on substantial playtime. While it is not necessary to always leave positive reviews, providing constructive feedback to other players and developers is highly encouraged.


1. How do I purchase games on Steam?
– You can purchase games on Steam by logging in to their website or through the Steam desktop app. Simply follow the on-screen instructions or refer to our guide on tips to get the best deals on Steam games.

2. Can I leave a review for a game on Steam using the mobile app?
– No, you cannot leave reviews for games using the Steam mobile app. However, you can view your existing reviews by navigating to Menu > Library > [Game] > My Game Content > My Review.

3. Can I edit or delete my Steam review after it has been posted?
– Yes, you can edit or delete your Steam review after it has been posted. Simply return to the game’s store page and click on “View your review.” From there, you can edit or delete the review as desired.

4. Are there any limitations on Steam reviews?
– Steam reviews are limited to 8,000 characters, providing ample space for your analysis. Additionally, you have the ability to add GIFs and screenshots to your reviews by first learning how to capture and manage screenshots on Steam.

5. Can Steam reviews earn awards and ratings?
– Yes, popular reviews on Steam can earn awards and high ratings. These awards provide users with Steam points that can be exchanged for various items on the platform.

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