Amazon Alexa Calls vs Alexa drop in: Unveiling the Dynamics

Amazon Alexa Calls vs Drop In: Unveiling the Dynamics

Unveiling the Dynamics: Amazon Alexa Calls vs. alexa drop in

In an era where messaging outshone traditional phone calls, the landscape is shifting once more, courtesy of smart speakers like Amazon Echo. The introduction of Alexa-powered calling and messaging features revolutionized communication across Echo devices and smartphones via the Alexa app, offering seamless cross-platform functionality. Amazon Alexa Calls vs. alexa drop in

Understanding Alexa Calls and Drop In

Alexa Calls: These are standard two-way internet phone calls that require acknowledgment using voice commands or on-screen prompts within the app for connectivity. Users have the liberty to decline calls, unlike Drop In.

Drop In: Think of it as a two-way phone call sans the ability to decline incoming calls; Drop In automatically connects, hence the moniker. Once linked, both parties engage in conversation. Moreover, if the recipient owns an Echo Show or Echo Spot, Drop In enables video connectivity. Privacy settings ensure users are shielded from awkward situations.

Device Compatibility and Limitations

Drop In: Available between two Echo devices, Echo devices and the Alexa app on smartphones, and Echo and Fire tablets. At least one Echo device is necessary. Note: Except for Echo Tap and Echo Look, all other Echo devices support Drop In.

Alexa Calls: Facilitates communication between any two from the list: Echo, Alexa app, and Fire tablets. No Echo device is mandatory for these calls.

Authorization and Privacy Settings

Making Calls: All registered Alexa users with enabled communication services can initiate calls among themselves.

Drop In Permissions: For Drop Ins, being a registered Alexa user is necessary; however, the contact must be authorized first. Without proper authorization, Drop Ins won’t occur.

Configuring Privacy and Access

Privacy Settings: Contacts registered with Alexa can call you; blocking specific individuals is possible to deny calling rights. For Drop Ins, manual contact authorization is essential to enable this feature.

Identification on Echo: When receiving calls on Echo, a green light illuminates, and Alexa announces the caller’s name. However, Drop In calls are answered automatically with a continuous green light throughout the call.

Enabling and Managing Calls

Activation Steps: To activate Alexa Calling and Messaging services, enable them in the Alexa app under the Communicate tab. For Drop In, turn on the functionality and grant permissions to authorized contacts.

Household Restrictions: Echo devices can restrict Drop In access to only household devices, limiting Drop In usage to registered Amazon accounts.

Initiating and Ending Calls

Making Calls: Via the Alexa app, initiate calls by selecting the contact and choosing audio or video call options. For Echo devices, use voice commands like ‘Alexa, Call [Contact or Speaker Name].’ Use ‘Alexa, Hang up’ to disconnect.

Drop In Commands: Use the Alexa app to Drop In by tapping the icon in the contact section. For Echo users, instruct ‘Alexa, Drop In on [Speaker or Contact Name].’ To disconnect, say ‘Alexa, Cancel or Hang up.’


1. Can I make Drop In calls between Echo devices and smartphones?

Drop In calls work between Echo devices, Echo and Alexa app on smartphones, and Echo and Fire tablets.

2. How do I authorize someone for Drop In on my Echo device?

For enabling Drop In on Echo, go to device settings, select Communication, and set it to ‘My Household’ to authorize household contacts.

3. Can I prevent specific contacts from making Drop In calls?

Yes, you can manage authorized Drop In contacts through the Alexa app under the Communicate tab.

4. Do Drop In calls have video capabilities?

Yes, if the recipient has an Echo Show or Echo Spot, Drop In supports video calls.

5. Are there specific Echo devices that do not support Drop In?

Except for Echo Tap and Echo Look, all other Echo devices support Drop In functionality.

6. Can I receive Alexa calls on my Echo without an Echo device?

Yes, Alexa calls are possible between Echo, Alexa app, and Fire tablets without an Echo device.

7. How does Drop In differ from traditional phone calls on Echo?

Drop In calls answer automatically without the option to reject, whereas Alexa calls can be declined.

8. Is it possible to restrict Drop In calls to only my household Echo devices?

Yes, Echo devices can limit Drop In access exclusively to devices registered on the Amazon account.

9. Can I use the Alexa app to initiate Drop In calls?

Yes, the Alexa app allows users to initiate Drop In calls by selecting the contact and tapping the Drop In icon.

10. How do I temporarily disable incoming calls or Drop Ins on my Echo?

Use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode through the command ‘Alexa, don’t disturb me’ to disable both Drop In and Alexa calls temporarily.

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