Battlefield 2042 Player Count Surges on Steam: What’s Happening?

Battlefield 2042 Player Count Surges on Steam: What’s Happening?

It’s a remarkable turn of events for Battlefield 2042! This game, which faced heavy criticism upon its initial release, is now experiencing a surge in popularity. Battlefield 2042 player count has reached new heights on Steam, outshining its launch figures from nearly two years ago.

Battlefield 2042 Player Count Breaks Records

As per the data from Steam Charts, on October 15, the concurrent player count for Battlefield 2042 soared to over 101,000 players. This exceeded the game’s launch peak of 100,590 players. Astonishingly, the following day, on October 16, the player count surpassed 103,000 concurrent players. To put this into perspective, back in September, the peak player count on Steam was a mere 11,843.

What’s Behind the Surge?

You might be wondering what’s causing this remarkable jump in player numbers. The resurgence of Battlefield 2042 can be attributed to a combination of factors. The game was made available for free on both PC and consoles over the weekend, and it’s currently on sale at a heavily discounted price. On Steam, you can snag it for under $10, while on consoles, it’s a steal at $21. Furthermore, the game is now accessible through EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate. The addition of Battlefield 2042 to Game Pass was a significant moment for the developers, as they anticipated an influx of new players. Unfortunately, the player counts for consoles and PC outside of Steam remain undisclosed.

More than Just a Free Weekend

The surge in player count isn’t solely due to the free weekend promotion. On October 10, Battlefield 2042 unveiled its Season 6 update, which introduced a brand new map, an array of new weapons and gadgets, and enhanced aim-assist and vehicle handling.

The Future of Battlefield

For fans of the Battlefield franchise, there’s more good news on the horizon. EA and DICE are actively working on the next iteration of Battlefield, promising a complete “reimagination” of the series. In fact, multiple new Battlefield games are currently in development. Renowned game designer Marcus Lehto and his studio are crafting a single-player campaign-focused Battlefield title. Meanwhile, DICE and Ripple Effect, with assistance from Criterion, are working on multiplayer-focused Battlefield experiences. Unfortunately, a planned mobile Battlefield game was canceled earlier this year.

  • What is the current Battlefield 2042 player count on Steam?
    The current player count on Steam for Battlefield 2042 has surged to over 101,000 concurrent players.
  • When does Battlefield 2042 come out?
    Battlefield 2042 was originally released almost two years ago.
  • When is the Battlefield 2042 beta release date?
    The article doesn’t specify a beta release date for Battlefield 2042.
  • How can I play Battlefield 2042 for free?
    You can enjoy Battlefield 2042 for free during promotional weekends on both PC and consoles.
  • How much does Battlefield 2042 cost on Steam?
    Currently, Battlefield 2042 is available on Steam for under $10.
  • Is Battlefield 2042 available on EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate?
    Yes, Battlefield 2042 is accessible through EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate.
  • What updates were introduced in Battlefield 2042’s Season 6?
    Season 6 brought a new map, new weapons and gadgets, and improvements to aim-assist and vehicle handling.
  • What changes have been made to Battlefield 2042 since its launch?
    The game has undergone significant changes, including map overhauls, weapon balance and aiming adjustments, and the introduction of a class system.
  • What’s the future of the Battlefield franchise?
    EA and DICE are working on a “reimagination” of the Battlefield franchise, with multiple new Battlefield games in development.
  • What happened to the mobile Battlefield game?
    The planned mobile Battlefield game was canceled earlier this year.

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