Creating Your Personal PNGTuber Avatar: A Step-by-Step Guide

Unveiling the World of PNGTubers: Streaming Privately with a Striking Persona:
Understandably, if you prioritize maintaining your online anonymity, there are still alternatives available to achieve an interactive streaming experience, even without using a webcam. While VTubers have gained popularity, there is another option: becoming a PNGTuber, which may suit your style better.

Exploring PNGTubers:

A PNGTuber closely resembles a VTuber with one significant difference – instead of an animated model that tracks your every movement and speech, you utilize 2D images. Though less dynamic than VTubers, PNGTubers offer a simpler and lower-stress approach to engage viewers while preserving your privacy. Despite being still images, they can be visually captivating, and ultimately, it’s your unique personality that truly shines through your streams. To keep your stream engaging, you can explore exciting Channel Point redemption ideas or employ top-notch Twitch streamer bots.

Creating a PNGTuber Avatar:

The key element in becoming a PNGTuber is crafting your avatar. Since your avatar acts as your new persona, it’s crucial to invest time and thought into its creation. Building a PNGTuber avatar is as easy as designing two distinct PNG images – one depicting your avatar speaking and the other for moments of silence or pausing between words. While you can enhance your avatar with additional animated features like blinking or conveying emotions, having just two images is sufficient. Later in your streaming software, these images can be resized, but starting somewhere between 1000x1000px and 2000x2000px provides flexibility without compromising quality. Remember, before addressing streaming gear requirements such as a good microphone, focus on creating your PNGTuber avatar.

Methods to Create a PNGTuber Avatar:

Commission an Artist:

Many PNGTubers opt for this route and collaborate with artists to design their unique PNGTuber avatars. By doing so, you obtain a professional and exclusive avatar, unlike those from avatar-maker websites that may be replicated by others. Bear in mind that artist commissions involve costs, varying between $20 and $100+ for waist-up avatars, potentially more for additional customizations. When budgeting for an artist commission, consider that prices differ based on the artist’s skill and experience. To find artists specializing in PNGTuber commissions, platforms like Etsy and Fiverr are great starting points. You can also reach out to artists you admire on social media platforms like Instagram.

DIY Drawing:

If hiring an artist is not feasible, consider drawing your PNGTuber avatar using digital drawing tools such as Procreate. This method requires a certain level of drawing skill but is an excellent option if you possess the necessary talent. Launch your preferred drawing tool, create your avatar – typically from the waist up – and save the two images as PNG files to complete your avatar setup.

Online Image Creation Tools:

Not everyone has the financial means to hire an artist or the artistic prowess to create remarkable drawings. Yet, this does not mean your PNGTuber journey must come to an end. Online image creation tools like Canva offer an alternative. Visit, create a project, and select from a vast collection of images in the Elements tab. With endless options to suit your preferences, find an image that resonates with you, save it as a PNG, and then search for an open-mouth asset to add to your avatar. Combine both images to generate your second PNG file.

Avatar-Maker Websites:

Avatar-maker websites, specializing in creating unique avatars, offer a wide range of assets to tailor your avatar to your personality. Unlike Canva, where you choose from existing base images, avatar-makers provide greater exclusivity due to the multitude of available assets. Although there is still a chance of overlaps, it is less likely given the extensive asset selection. While numerous avatar makers are available, a recommended option is This user-friendly and free platform conveniently downloads images in PNG format.

Ensuring Privacy and Excitement in Your Stream:

Becoming a PNGTuber presents a viable option for individuals seeking to preserve their anonymity or test streaming waters before considering webcam purchases. Streaming can already be nerve-wracking, and fretting over appearances only adds unnecessary stress. Crafting a PNGTuber avatar is an enjoyable and hassle-free process that eliminates these concerns. With the camera obstacle addressed, your PNGTuber journey can commence, and you can embark on an exciting streaming career.


1. Can I engage with my viewers effectively without using a webcam?
Absolutely! While webcams can enhance engagement, PNGTubers have successfully engaged viewers through their avatars and personalities. Employing creative Channel Point redemption ideas or utilizing Twitch streamer bots can amplify interaction.

2. How many images do I need for a PNGTuber avatar?
To create a PNGTuber avatar, you only need two images: one with your avatar’s mouth open and one with it closed. Additional animated features can be incorporated, but two images are sufficient for a basic setup.

3. What resolution should my PNGTuber avatar be?
A good starting point for your PNGTuber avatar is a resolution between 1000x1000px and 2000x2000px. This size provides flexibility during resizing without sacrificing visual quality.

4. Are there alternative options if I can’t afford an artist to design my PNGTuber avatar?
Indeed! You can draw your avatar using digital drawing tools like Procreate, explore online image creation platforms like Canva, or utilize avatar-maker websites to create an avatar that suits your style and personality.

5. Where can I find artists for PNGTuber avatars?
Etsy and Fiverr are excellent platforms to search for artists specialized in PNGTuber avatars. You can also approach artists on social media platforms, such as Instagram, where you may find artists offering PNGTuber commissions.

6. Can I experiment with my PNGTuber avatar before committing to a webcam setup?
Certainly! Becoming a PNGTuber allows you to test the streaming waters without investing in a webcam setup right away. It provides flexibility, enabling you to explore the streaming world while safeguarding your privacy.

7. Is it possible to make my PNGTuber avatar more engaging?
Aside from your unique personality, there are various ways to ensure an exciting stream. Implement creative Channel Point redemptions, employ top-tier Twitch streamer bots, and explore other interactive features, enabling you to keep viewers engaged.

8. Can I resize my PNGTuber avatar in streaming software later?
Absolutely! Streaming software offers the capability to resize and adjust your PNGTuber avatar according to your preferences. Starting with a higher resolution allows for more flexibility during the resizing process.

9. What other streaming gear do I need besides a PNGTuber avatar?
While a PNGTuber avatar is the primary requirement, investing in quality streaming gear like a good microphone is essential to ensure clear voice communication with your viewers. Focus on these additional items once your avatar is ready.

10. Is it possible to switch from PNGTuber to VTuber later?
Certainly! As your streaming preferences evolve, transitioning from a PNGTuber to a VTuber setup is entirely feasible. It provides an opportunity to experiment and discover what best suits your style and streaming goals.

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