Custom Instructions for ChatGPT: Definitive Guide

Custom Instructions for ChatGPT

Boost Your Workflow with Custom Instructions on ChatGPT

If you’re finding it tiresome to provide essential information for every task on ChatGPT, you’re not alone. OpenAI recognized this challenge and introduced custom instructions as a solution. This article will explore how the custom instructions feature enhances the speed of your workflow and highlight some effective ways to leverage it. Let’s get started!

What Are Custom Instructions on ChatGPT?

Custom instructions on ChatGPT allow you to provide pre-requisite information that the tool needs to consider while generating responses. If certain details in your prompts remain constant, you don’t have to enter them repeatedly. For instance, if you frequently use ChatGPT for coding purposes, you can set custom instructions to specify that you need the code in Python, along with explanations for each code line. This way, you can skip adding “provide Python code with line explanations” in every prompt and directly enter your problem statement. There are two types of custom instructions available: those related to the user’s information and those instructing ChatGPT on how to respond. We’ll delve into these in the next section.

How to Add Custom Instructions on ChatGPT

Previously, custom instructions were exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. However, OpenAI has now made this feature available to free users as well. Here’s how you can add custom instructions:

For ChatGPT Web:

1. Sign in to ChatGPT using your OpenAI account.
2. Access the three dots icon in the bottom right corner.

3. Choose “Custom instructions.”

4. Enter your custom instructions and click on “Save.”

Remember to turn on the toggle for ‘Enable for new chats’ to activate custom instructions. Additionally, you can provide more details about yourself and instruct ChatGPT regarding the desired response format.
5. To disable custom instructions, simply turn off the toggle and save your changes.

For ChatGPT Mobile App (iOS and Android):

1. Open the ChatGPT app on your device.
2. Tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner.
3. Select “Settings.”
4. Choose “Custom Instructions.”
5. Enable the toggle for custom instructions and enter your instructions.
Similar to the web version, you can personalize the responses and format according to your preferences.

Effective Ways to Utilize Custom Instructions on ChatGPT

Now that you know how to customize instructions on ChatGPT, let’s explore some valuable tips to make the most out of this feature:

1. Define your occupation and requirements: If using ChatGPT for work, specify your profession and needs to receive tailored responses.
2. Choose desired response format: If you prefer responses in the form of a list, table, bullet points, etc., include these choices in the custom instructions.
3. Provide project/task details: When utilizing ChatGPT for specific projects or tasks, provide all relevant information in the “What would you like ChatGPT to know about you…” section. This will yield better results.
4. Add specific quantities: For tasks like cooking, where the number of people to be served remains constant, enter the number in the custom instructions. ChatGPT will then provide accurate ingredient quantities and other useful suggestions.
5. Incorporate updated information: As the free version of ChatGPT is trained on data available till September 2021, if you need responses with the latest information, ensure you input the necessary data in the custom instructions.

FAQs on ChatGPT Custom Instructions

1. What is the word count limit for custom instructions on ChatGPT?
– You can add instructions of up to 1500 words for both types of questions in the custom instructions section.

2. What is the cost of ChatGPT Plus subscription?
– The subscription for ChatGPT Plus is priced at $20 per month.

3. Is the data entered on ChatGPT secure?
– Yes, the data is safe. However, OpenAI collects these custom instructions to further train the model.

Make ChatGPT Your Trusted Assistant

Now, you can fine-tune ChatGPT to provide the assistance you need. Enabling custom instructions is a simple yet powerful way to maximize productivity. OpenAI has revolutionized the future of AI tools, and it’s exciting to be a part of this journey!

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