Discover the Top 8 Methods for Identifying Popular Audio on Instagram

Understanding Instagram’s Algorithm: A Guide to Using Trending Audio in Reels

As the popularity of Instagram continues to soar, it has become crucial to grasp how its algorithm works. While there are countless hacks and speculative methods available online to increase your Instagram following, utilizing trending audio in your Reels might just be the key to success. However, effectively leveraging trending audio can be a challenge. In this article, we will find trending music on Instagram and how you can make use of it to boost engagement.

What Are Instagram Trending Songs and Why Should You Use Them?

Instagram trending songs refer to the hottest and most widely used tracks on the platform at any given moment. Incorporating these trending songs into your Reels can significantly enhance your content’s appeal. Here’s why you should consider using them:

1. Appeal to Your Audience:

Certain trends revolve around trending music rather than content. By adding trendy music to your Reels and infusing your unique twist, you increase the likelihood of resonating with your target audience.

2. Increase Audience Participation:

With an attractive Reel incorporating a trending song, more users will engage with your content by leaving comments, saving it, or even sharing it on their Stories.

3. Make Your Brand Stand Out:

Whether you’re an independent creator or a brand, Instagram Reels provide an excellent opportunity to gain visibility. Aligning your content with the latest viral songs elevates your brand’s presence. However, it’s important to ensure the song you use is copyright-free to avoid potential issues.

4. Get Noticed:

Instagram frequently features emerging creators on its official page to foster their growth. Creating Reels with trending songs increases your chances of being discovered by the platform’s curators.

Having understood the benefits of incorporating trending songs into your Reels, let’s explore how you can discover Instagram’s trending songs.

1. Check the Arrow Icon Next to the Audio:

Scrolling through the Reels section, be on the lookout for the little arrow symbol next to a track’s name. This indicates that the song is currently trending. By tapping on the Reel that uses this audio, you can access the trending music and utilize it in your own Reels.

2. Browse Instagram’s Audio Suggestions:

While creating Reels in the Instagram app, you’ll receive music recommendations. Explore this section to find trending sounds for your Reels and incorporate them accordingly.

3. Scroll Through Instagram’s Reels Section:

Casual browsing through the Reels section can bring you closer to finding the perfect trending song. Instagram’s algorithm tailors your search results based on your preferences, providing you with relevant Reels. Make it a habit to occasionally reset your Instagram Explore page to diversify your recommendations. Shazam can also help identify songs playing in Instagram Reels.

4. Check Instagram’s Creators Account:

The Instagram @creators account is a goldmine of valuable content. Here, you can find posts from featured creators, curated trends reports, and tips and tricks for creators. The New Trend Report not only highlights trending songs but also offers simplified instructions for recreating trends, which proves especially useful for new or aspiring Instagram creators.

Instagram now offers a Reels Trends tool, accessible from your app’s dashboard. This tool allows you to explore the latest trending hashtags and music, keeping you informed about ongoing trends. Note that this feature is currently available only in the United States and requires a professional Instagram account.

Since Instagram and TikTok are fierce rivals, songs that trend on one platform often gain popularity on the other as well. By perusing TikTok’s Creative Center page and its list of popular songs, you can discover what’s currently trending and utilize it in your Instagram Reels.

By searching through the accounts of different content creators, you can familiarize yourself with the audio trends in their niche or community. Pay attention to viral Reels or those with high view counts to identify recurring songs. Saving their stories with music can serve as a handy reference.

8. Check Spotify:

Spotify’s curated playlists include dedicated sections for trending songs. Browse through these playlists, filter them based on language, region, and number of songs, and cross-reference the songs you find with Instagram’s trending music. Once you’ve identified suitable music, incorporate it into your Reels.

Given that trends change rapidly, keeping up can be an arduous task. This article has provided you with several methods to find trending audio on Instagram and stay in tune with the latest trends. If you have any other techniques or suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below!


Sure, here are answers to your Instagram Reels-related questions:

1. How can I optimize my Instagram Reels for better engagement?

  • To optimize your Instagram Reels for better engagement, focus on creating engaging content that tells a story, uses eye-catching visuals, and incorporates popular trends. Use relevant hashtags, engage with your audience in the comments, and post at peak times when your audience is most active.

2. Can I use copyrighted music in my Instagram Reels?

  • Instagram provides a library of music that you can use without copyright issues. However, using copyrighted music without proper licensing can lead to your content being taken down or your account facing penalties.

3. Are there any tools available to help me create visually appealing Reels?

  • Yes, you can use various video editing apps and tools like InShot, Adobe Premiere Rush, or Canva to enhance the visual appeal of your Instagram Reels.

4. Can I add my own voiceover to a trendy song in my Reels?

  • Yes, you can add your voiceover to a trendy song in your Reels. This can be a creative way to personalize and add your unique touch to popular audio tracks.

5. How frequently should I update my Reels to stay relevant?

  • Posting regularly is essential to stay relevant on Instagram. Aim for a consistent schedule, whether it’s daily, weekly, or bi-weekly, to keep your audience engaged.

6. Can I collaborate with other creators using trending songs?

  • Yes, you can collaborate with other creators using trending songs. Collaborations can help you reach a broader audience and increase engagement.

7. Are trending songs different for different geographical regions?

  • Yes, trending songs can vary by geographical region. What’s trending in one country may not be popular in another. Consider your target audience and their preferences when choosing songs.

8. How can I measure the success of my Reels that incorporate trending audio?

  • You can measure the success of your Reels by tracking engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and the number of views. Instagram Insights provides valuable data on the performance of your content.

9. Are there any risks of overusing trending songs in my content?

  • Overusing trending songs can lead to content fatigue, where your audience may get tired of hearing the same music repeatedly. It’s essential to balance trending songs with fresh, original content to maintain engagement.

10. Can I monetize my Reels that feature trending music?

  • Instagram offers various monetization options, such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and merchandise sales. You can monetize your Reels by collaborating with brands or promoting your products and services through engaging content that features trending music.

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