How to Block YouTube With Screen Time on iPhone and iPad

YouTube With Screen Time on iPhone and iPad

How to Use Screen Time on iPhone and iPad to Block YouTube

YouTube is a hub for entertainment and education, but sometimes, it can become a distraction. Handing over your iPhone or iPad often means someone diving into endless YouTube videos. If you’re keen on limiting this access, Screen Time on iOS offers multiple effective methods to block YouTube effortlessly. YouTube With Screen Time on iPhone and iPad.

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Block YouTube with Age Restrictions

Limiting YouTube through age restrictions is a quick and straightforward method via Screen Time.

  1. Open Settings on your iOS device.

2. Tap Screen Time and then Content & Privacy Restrictions.

3. Select Content Restrictions and tap Apps.

4. Set an age rating of 12+ or lower, and navigate back.

This action hides YouTube and other apps exceeding the chosen age rating, keeping distractions at bay. To reverse, adjust the age restriction back to 17+.

Impose Time Limits

Utilize Screen Time’s time limits to restrict daily YouTube usage effectively.

  1. Choose your device in the Screen Time panel.

2. Under Most Used, tap YouTube.

3. Select Limits and tap Add Limit.

4. Set a specific time limit and tap Add.

Once the set time elapses, YouTube access gets automatically blocked.

Remove YouTube and Restrict App Store

Removing YouTube and restricting app installations offers a straightforward solution.

  1. Delete YouTube by holding its icon and tapping the ‘x’.

2.In Screen Time, go to Content & Privacy Restrictions > iTunes & App Store Purchases.

3. Tap Installing Apps and choose Don’t Allow.

This prevents reinstallation of YouTube unless the restriction is lifted temporarily.

Block YouTube Website

Prevent access to YouTube via browsers by following these steps:

  1. In Screen Time, tap Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Web Content.
  2. Tap Limit Adult Websites and click Add Website under Never Allow.
  3. Enter YouTube’s URL:

This blocks YouTube on all browsers, enhancing control over content access.

Remote Screen Time Management

For managing children’s video consumption habits, utilize Apple’s Family Sharing and Screen Time.

  1. Tap your profile in Settings and add your child under Family Sharing.
  2. Access the child’s Screen Time panel.
  3. Control YouTube access or set time limits as needed, similarly to your device.

These methods are instrumental in managing YouTube access for kids or remote device control.


1. How many ways can I block YouTube on iOS using Screen Time?

You can utilize age restrictions, time limits, app removal, website blocks, and remote device management via Screen Time to limit YouTube access effectively.

2. Can I temporarily lift YouTube restrictions?

Yes, you can adjust settings like age restrictions or app store installations temporarily as needed.

3. Will blocking YouTube also block other apps?

Some methods like age restrictions might affect apps with similar age ratings, while others like website blocks solely target YouTube.

4. Can I block YouTube on multiple devices remotely?

Apple’s Family Sharing and Screen Time allow remote control over multiple devices, making it convenient to manage YouTube access.

5. Will these methods restrict YouTube completely?

Yes, using these methods will effectively block access to YouTube unless the restrictions are lifted or altered.

6. Can I set different restrictions for different family members?

Yes, you can customize Screen Time settings individually for each family member added via Family Sharing.

7. Is YouTube access restriction reversible?

Yes, you can adjust the settings to remove restrictions whenever necessary.

8. Can I limit YouTube usage time per day?

Absolutely, Screen Time enables setting specific time limits for daily YouTube usage.

9. Will these methods affect other websites or apps?

Specifically, methods like website blocks may impact other sites with similar content while app removal or age restrictions target specific apps.

10. How effective are these methods for parental control?

These methods offer efficient parental control over YouTube access, allowing customization based on individual needs.

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