How to Get Equalizer for YouTube on Chrome and Firefox

How to Get Equalizer for YouTube on Chrome and Firefox

Enhance Your YouTube Audio: Chrome and Firefox Equalizer Extensions

YouTube remains my go-to for songs and videos, offering a vast archive catering to every mood and taste. Yet, while reveling in its diverse library, one noticeable miss is the lack of Equalizer Support, preventing customization of audio output according to personal preferences.

However, there’s hope. A couple of Firefox and Chrome extensions come to the rescue, offering enhanced audio quality through equalizer support. If you’re familiar with graphic equalizers, these tools are user-friendly and can significantly improve your listening experience.

Note: Installing multiple audio equalizers can affect overall sound output, so install and test them one at a time.

Equalizer for YouTube (Chrome and Firefox)

Meet “Equalizer for YouTube,” a smart extension tweaking the sound of YouTube videos, even those embedded on websites. With several presets available, it’s perfect for those seeking sound modification without much hassle.

Simply install the extension, and an equalizer icon appears below the video title. Click on it to access presets and pick one to experience a subtle change in music output. While basic in EQ control, it lacks band control and doesn’t allow saving custom settings. Yet, it’s a handy tool for effortless sound adjustment.

In the case of embedded videos, settings adjustments require viewing YouTube videos directly. If you enjoy instrumentals, exploring tracks like the Game of Thrones theme by 2CELLOS could be a treat.

Get Equalizer for YouTube for Chrome
Get Equalizer for YouTube for Firefox

Professional Equalizer (Chrome)

For a 10-band equalizer experience, “Professional Equalizer” steps in. This polished extension allows customized audio output, not just for YouTube but also for Spotify and Google Music web players.

It features an On/Off button and lets you tweak sliders to fine-tune audio elements. While effective, the presets menu has an inconveniently distracting green background, making it slightly challenging to read names.

To activate the tool, open YouTube or Spotify, click “Capture this tab,” and adjust sliders based on the song type for an enhanced audio experience.

Audio Equalizer (Firefox)

Similar to Professional Equalizer, “Audio Equalizer” offers a 10-band EQ with presets. It allows defining and saving personal presets, simplifying future adjustments. Real-time changes, additional options like Mono and Snap, and a dedicated refresh button for stuck pages make it a user-friendly choice.

Explore and customize your presets for a more personalized audio experience while enjoying your favorite tracks.

Audio Equalizer and Amplifier (Firefox)

“Audio Equalizer and Amplifier” by Lunu is a simple yet effective extension offering a 10-band EQ and pre-defined presets. It allows customization with different profiles and provides the option to save them, ensuring personalized sound output.

Set up your profiles and tailor your audio experience to match your diverse music moods.


1. Can I install multiple equalizers for YouTube at once?

Installing multiple equalizers can impact overall sound output. Install and test them one at a time to evaluate performance.

2. Are equalizers compatible with embedded YouTube videos?

For settings adjustments, it’s necessary to view embedded videos directly on YouTube.

3. Can I save customized presets with these equalizers?

Extensions like Audio Equalizer and Professional Equalizer allow saving customized presets for future use.

4. Do these extensions offer real-time audio adjustments?

Yes, most extensions allow real-time changes in audio settings for immediate effects.

5. How do I activate these equalizers on my browser?

Install the extension, open YouTube, and click on the respective extension icon to access and adjust settings.

6. Are these extensions available for other browsers?

Currently, these extensions are specifically designed for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

7. Can I customize these equalizers for different music genres?

Yes, sliders and presets can be adjusted to suit various music types and moods.

8. Will these extensions impact audio quality negatively?

Extensions are designed to enhance audio quality. However, improper settings adjustments may affect audio output.

9. Do these equalizers work with other streaming platforms?

Some extensions like Professional Equalizer are compatible with Spotify and Google Music web players, in addition to YouTube.

10. Can I use these equalizers on my smartphone?

These extensions are designed for Chrome and Firefox browsers on desktop platforms and may not be available or functional on smartphones.

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