How to Use CLONEit to Seamlessly Transfer Data from One Android Device to Another


There’s something incredibly exciting about getting a new Android phone. It’s like a fresh start, with faster performance and better features. However, the daunting task of transferring data from your old device to the new one can quickly dampen your spirits. If you’re transitioning from Android to another platform, options exist to smooth the process. But for those staying within the Android ecosystem, I’m thrilled to introduce a solution that promises to make your life easier: CLONEit. This powerful app effortlessly copies all your data from one Android device to another, and it’s completely free!

Getting Started with CLONEit

Before diving into the data transfer process, both your old and new Android devices need to be prepped for the operation. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up CLONEit:

  1. Download and Install CLONEit: First, ensure that CLONEit is installed on both devices. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and comes without any hidden in-app purchases or restrictions.
  2. Prepare the Receiver Device: To allow the seamless installation of apps from your old device, enable the installation of apps from unknown sources found under the Security settings. Additionally, CLONEit facilitates an auto-install feature by adding a script to the Accessibility options, which you should activate.
  3. Initiate the Transfer: Launch CLONEit on both devices and select the sender and receiver roles accordingly. The sender device will automatically create a hotspot, which the receiver will connect to. Once connected, select the sender’s device on the receiver’s radar screen to start the data transfer process.
  4. Choose What to Transfer: CLONEit offers flexibility in selecting specific items for transfer or opting to clone the entire phone data. However, remember that if you’re transferring text messages, CLONEit will temporarily become the default messaging app due to Android’s restrictions, reverting back once the transfer completes.

Best Practices and Considerations

  • Avoid Duplicate Contacts: If your contacts are synced with Google and the account is already configured on your new device, consider skipping the contact transfer to prevent duplicates.
  • Selective App Transfer: Be mindful not to transfer unnecessary bloatware from your old device to keep your new phone clutter-free.

Following the transfer, it’s a good practice to reboot your new device to ensure all data is properly integrated.

Why CLONEit Stands Out

CLONEit isn’t just another data transfer app. Its unique features set it apart:

  • Completely Free: Enjoy unlimited use without any hidden costs.
  • No Cables Required: Data transfer is wireless, using a direct hotspot connection.
  • One-Tap Installation: Automated app installations save time and hassle.
  • Privacy Guaranteed: Your data never leaves your devices, ensuring total privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can CLONEit transfer data to iOS devices?

No, it is designed for Android-to-Android transfers. For moving data to iOS, consider using the “Move to iOS” app.

Is CLONEit available on the Google Play Store?

Yes, it is freely available on the Google Play Store without any in-app purchases or restrictions.

Can I select specific data types to transfer?

Absolutely! CLONEit allows you to select specific data types or opt for a full clone of your old device.

Does CLONEit require an internet connection?

No,its uses a direct hotspot created by the sender device, eliminating the need for an internet connection.

How do I avoid transferring duplicate contacts?

If your contacts are synced with a Google account already set up on the new device, you can skip contact transfer.

Can I transfer app data along with the apps?

Yes, CLONEit can transfer both the apps and their associated data.

What should I do if the transfer fails?

Ensure both devices are close to each other and retry the process. If issues persist, restart both devices and attempt the transfer again.

Is my data safe during transfer?

Yes, CLONEit guarantees complete privacy as data is transferred directly between devices without cloud storage.

Can I use CLONEit on tablets?

Yes, CLONEit works on Android tablets as well as smartphones.

What makes CLONEit better than other data transfer apps?

CLONEit’s unique features like one-tap installation, privacy assurance, and the absence of the need for cables or internet make it a superior choice.

In conclusion, CLONEit is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to transfer data between Android devices. Its ease of use, combined with powerful features, makes it the go-to solution for seamless data migration. Happy transferring!

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