iPhone and iPad Battery Draining : How to Stop

How to Stop Chrome From Draining the Battery on iPhone and iPad

Tackling Battery Drainage: Chrome on iPhone and iPad

When it comes to Chrome on iOS devices, it’s a favorite for many, including me. However, due to Apple’s strict adherence to the WebKit standard, Chrome often trails Safari in performance. This discrepancy can lead to subpar battery life on iPhones and iPads since Chrome isn’t optimized for power efficiency on iOS. Let’s dive into why Chrome may be draining your battery faster than usual and explore solutions to alleviate this issue.

Note: After applying each solution, consider using the iOS Battery monitoring tool within Settings to gauge improvements in battery life.

Force Quit Chrome

While force quitting an app might seem basic, it can resolve underlying software glitches causing battery drainage. Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone or iPad screen to access the app switcher, then swipe away the Chrome app card to force quit it from memory.

Restart Your Device

If force quitting doesn’t solve the battery drain issue, restart your iPhone or iPad to clear redundant app data from memory. Hold down the Power button, swipe across when prompted, and then power on your device again.

Disable Location Services

Location Services, particularly in Chrome’s search engine, significantly impact battery life. Disable Location Services for Chrome in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Chrome, then select “Never.” This can noticeably improve battery consumption, albeit at the cost of relevant search results.

Clear Browsing Data

Outdated browser caches and tracking cookies can burden Chrome and your device, causing rapid battery depletion. Clear browsing data in Chrome’s Settings > Privacy, select relevant options like Cookies, Site Data, and Cached Images and Files, then tap “Clear Browsing Data.”

Block Ads and Trackers

Ads and trackers contribute to battery drain by continuously tracking your online activity. Implement workarounds like AdGuard DNS servers on Wi-Fi or use apps like DNSCloak to block ads. These methods can reduce strain on your iPhone or iPad, especially when using cellular data.

Use Wi-Fi Assist or Turn Off Cellular Data

Weak cellular connectivity can overwork your device’s radio, leading to substantial battery drain. Switch to Wi-Fi for browsing or enable Wi-Fi Assist in Settings > Cellular Data to ensure seamless connectivity in low cellular reception areas.

Update or Reinstall Chrome

Check for updates in the App Store and ensure Chrome is up to date. If issues persist, consider reinstalling the app after syncing important browsing data. Reinstallation often resolves underlying app inefficiencies.


1. How do I force quit Chrome on my iPhone/iPad?

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the app switcher, then swipe away the Chrome app card.

2. Can clearing browsing data affect my saved information on sites?

Yes, clearing browsing data might require signing in again to most sites unless using a password manager.

3. Does disabling Location Services impact browsing experience?

Yes, disabling Location Services in Chrome might affect search results and functionality on location-based sites.

4. Can I prevent Chrome from draining battery without impacting my browsing experience?

Disabling ads and trackers or using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data can minimize battery drain without compromising browsing experience.

5. Will reinstalling Chrome remove all my browsing history?

Yes, reinstalling Chrome removes browsing history unless synced with an account.

6. How frequently should I clear browsing data to maintain battery efficiency?

Clear browsing data periodically or when experiencing abnormal battery drain in Chrome.

7. Is there a way to track the impact of these solutions on battery life?

Use the iOS Battery monitoring tool within Settings to monitor improvements in battery consumption.

8. Can I enable/disable Location Services for specific sites in Chrome?

Location Services settings in Chrome apply globally and cannot be selectively enabled/disabled for individual sites.

9. Will disabling Location Services affect other apps on my iPhone/iPad?

Disabling Location Services for Chrome won’t impact other apps’ access to location-based functionalities.

10. Are there any additional steps beyond these solutions to improve battery life?

For persistent issues, consider general battery-saving tips for iPhone and iPad to optimize overall device performance.

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