Maximize Earnings: How to Use Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest

how to post amazon affiliate links on pinterest

Using Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest is a smart way to monetize your Pinterest boards and earn commissions by promoting Amazon products

  • 1. Join the Amazon Associates program and obtain your affiliate ID.
  • 2. Create a Pin on Pinterest, add a relevant image, and write a compelling description.
  • 3. Paste your Amazon affiliate link in the Pin’s destination link field to promote Amazon products on Pinterest and earn commissions.

Here’s how to do it with examples:

How to post amazon affiliate links on pinterest:

Sign Up for Amazon Affiliate Program:

First, you need to sign up for the Amazon Associates program. Once approved, you’ll have access to a unique affiliate ID and can start using affiliate links.

Create a Pinterest Business Account:

If you don’t have one already, create a Pinterest business account. This will give you access to Pinterest’s analytics and advertising features.

Find Relevant Amazon Products:

Browse Amazon for products that are relevant to your Pinterest boards or the interests of your followers. Let’s say you have a Pinterest board dedicated to fitness and wellness. You can look for fitness equipment, supplements, or workout clothing on Amazon.

Use Amazon’s Site Stripe Tool:

Amazon provides a tool called Site Stripe that allows you to create affiliate links for products directly from the Amazon website. When you’re logged into your Amazon Associates account, you’ll see the Site Stripe bar at the top of the Amazon page when you’re viewing a product.

Create a Pin on Pinterest:

In your Pinterest business account, click the “Create Pin” button. Upload an attractive image related to the Amazon product you’re promoting.

Add a Descriptive Title and Description:

Write a compelling title and description for your Pin. Be sure to mention the product’s benefits and why your audience would be interested. For example, “Upgrade Your Home Office with this Ergonomic Chair from Amazon – Perfect for Long Hours of Work or Study!

Add Your Affiliate Link:

In the destination link field, paste the Amazon affiliate link you generated using Site Stripe. Ensure that the link is tagged with your unique Amazon Associates ID.

Choose the Relevant Board:

Select the Pinterest board where you want to save your Pin. In this case, it could be your “Home Office Essentials” board.

Publish Your Pin:

Hit the “Publish” button to make your Pin live on Pinterest.

Engage and Monitor:

Regularly engage with your followers and respond to comments on your Pins. You can also use Pinterest analytics to track the performance of your affiliate-linked Pins, such as click-through rates and saves.

How to Use Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest

how to post amazon affiliate links on pinterest


Let’s say you’re promoting a popular blender from Amazon. You create a Pin with an image of delicious smoothies and write a caption like, “Whip Up Healthy Smoothies with This Top-Rated Amazon Blender! Get Yours Here [Affiliate Link].”

Remember to comply with Amazon’s and Pinterest’s terms of service and disclosure requirements for affiliate marketing. Additionally, always provide honest and valuable content to your audience to build trust and increase your chances of earning commissions through your affiliate links.

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