Minimize Distractions: A Guide to Blocking Stories on Telegram

How to Block Stories on Telegram:

Introducing Stories, a popular feature found on most messaging and social networking platforms, making its way to Telegram in 2023. Users had persistently requested this addition, according to founder Pavel Durov. However, unlike Signal, Telegram currently lacks a feature that allows users to disable stories within the app. Nevertheless, there are workarounds available to block stories on Telegram.

On Telegram, you have the option to share stories with various audiences – your contact lists, close friends,

specific users (including groups and channels), or the entire Telegram community as a public-facing feed on your profile. Stories posted by your contacts are displayed at the top of the home screen. To avoid seeing these stories, you can prevent Telegram from accessing your contacts, which effectively blocks the stories they post. This process is slightly more complex than on WhatsApp, where blocking contact access automatically stops the status update feature.

With Telegram, your contacts are stored in the cloud, allowing you to view them on any device. As a result, blocking contact access in Settings doesn’t immediately disable stories on Telegram. To begin, you need to delete the contacts that Telegram has synced.

Access the settings by clicking on the triple-bar icon (hamburger icon) next to Telegram on the home screen. Proceed to Settings > Privacy and Security, scroll down to Contacts, select Delete Synced Contacts, and turn off Sync Contacts.

Additionally, navigate to Telegram’s App info, choose Contacts from the list of App permissions, and select Don’t Allow. Keep in mind that this workaround has drawbacks, such as losing notifications when people join Telegram and the need to find and message people by their usernames instead of having them in your contact list. However, you can always re-enable contact access if needed.

Alternatively, you can use alternative client applications like Telegram X or Plus Messenger instead of the main Telegram app. These clients provide a different interface and customization features, and they allow you to hide stories. Telegram X, an official alternative, is updated less frequently than the main app but lacks certain new features. Third-party clients like Plus Messenger and iMe are also options to consider, although they may pose a security risk and take longer to incorporate new features.

To stop seeing stories without blocking them entirely, you can archive them one by one. Archiving a story moves it from the home screen to the Archived Chats section. Long-press a person’s story preview and select Hide Stories to hide their stories. To unhide them, open your archive, select their story preview, and press Unhide Stories. Note that stories posted by Telegram itself cannot be hidden.

If you prefer an official solution from Telegram, you can vote for a Disable Stories feature on Telegram’s Bugs and Suggestions website, where it is one of the most upvoted requests. Unfortunately, the response from Telegram doesn’t indicate when this option will be introduced in the official app.

Lastly, while it won’t block stories, you can disable notifications for when your contacts post new stories. Manually turn off Notify About Stories by tapping and holding on a specific user’s story preview or go to Settings > Notifications and Sounds > Stories and disable Story Notifications. You can also turn off Automatic Exceptions.

In summary, if you want to keep your Telegram feed free from unwanted stories, these steps should help. Customizing your Telegram experience is now within your reach.

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