Samsung Galaxy S8+ : 8 Incredible Features

Key Features of the Samsung Galaxy S8+

1. Infinity Display:

  • The Samsung Galaxy S8+ boasts a 5.8-inch infinity display with minimal bezels, offering a sleek and immersive viewing experience.
  • Vibrant colors and fluid display enhance the visual appeal.

2. Iris Scanner and Facial Recognition:

  • Enhanced security features including an ultra-fast Iris scanner and facial recognition.
  • Traditional security options like fingerprint scanner, PIN, and pattern lock are also available.

3. Wireless Charging:

  • Both the S8+ and S8 Ultra support wireless and fast charging.
  • Features a fast-charging wireless dock that doubles as a phone stand.

4. Bluetooth 5.0 and IP68 Certification:

  • One of the first smartphones with Bluetooth 5.0, offering increased connection speed and range.
  • IP68 water and dust resistant, ensuring durability.

5. Fit to Display Button on YouTube:

  • The bezel-less display is complemented by a ‘fit to display’ option on YouTube, allowing customization of video viewing.

6. DeX or Desktop Experience:

  • Samsung DeX feature enables quick desktop connectivity.
  • Optimized apps and resizable windows enhance the desktop experience.

7. Smart Front Camera:

  • An 8 MP front camera with autofocus, designed for high-quality selfies.
  • Includes fun filters for enhanced photography.

8. Bixby:

  • Introduces Bixby Assistant, a smart assistant for in-phone tasks, reminders, and queries.
  • Accessible through a dedicated button and complements Google Assistant on the device.

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1. What makes the Samsung Galaxy S8+ stand out from other models?

The S8+ stands out with its infinity display, advanced security features, and unique DeX experience.

2. How does the S8 Ultra differ from the S8+?

The S8 Ultra typically refers to the same model as the S8+. They are often used interchangeably to describe the advanced version of the Galaxy S8.

3. Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus suitable for gaming?

Yes, its powerful processor and large display make the S8 Plus ideal for gaming.

4. Can I charge the Samsung Galaxy S8+ wirelessly?

Yes, the S8+ supports both wireless and fast charging.

5. Is the S8 Ultra water-resistant?

Yes, the S8 Ultra is IP68 certified, making it water and dust resistant.

6. How does Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ enhance user experience?

Bixby on the S8+ offers an intuitive way to interact with your phone, handle tasks, and get information.

7. What are the camera capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus?

The S8 Plus features an 8 MP front camera with autofocus and various filters, alongside a powerful rear camera.

8. Does the S8+ have a headphone jack?

Yes, the S8+ includes a headphone jack.

9. Can I use Samsung DeX with the S8+?

Yes, the S8+ is compatible with Samsung DeX for a desktop-like experience.

10. What are the color options for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra?

The S8 Ultra is available in multiple colors, including Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, and Arctic Silver.

The S8+ is a step in the right direction for futuristic smartphones. With its innovative features like wireless charging, an infinity display, and DeX support, it’s a device that meets the needs of today’s consumers. The inclusion of advanced security features and the Bixby assistant further enhance its appeal, making the S8+ a top contender in the smartphone market.

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