Unveiling Android 21: The Multifaceted Scientist

Android 21, an enigmatic creation, is a character of profound complexity within the Dragon Ball universe. In this SEO-optimized blog post, we’ll delve into the intriguing details of Android 21’s appearance, personality, and backstory. Stay tuned as we explore the enigma that is Android 21.

The Visage of Android 21

Android 21 is described as a tall, curvaceous scientist, boasting distinctive features that set her apart. Her appearance includes:

  • Glasses that add an intellectual touch to her demeanor.
  • Long, auburn hair, reminiscent of a bushy mane.
  • A golden ring adorning her left middle finger.
  • Stylish black nails that contrast her attire.
  • A chic ensemble comprising a high-neck minidress with a blue and red checker pattern, opaque black tights, and matching black detached arm sleeves.
  • Completing her look are blue (left foot) and red (right foot) ankle heel boots with gold tips.
  • Her customary white lab coat adds a touch of professionalism to her attire.

Android 21’s eyes bear a striking resemblance to the Androids created by Dr. Gero, such as Android 18.

The True Form of Android 21

In her true form, Android 21 retains her curvaceous figure, but her appearance undergoes a captivating transformation:

  • Her skin takes on a rosy pink hue.
  • Her hair becomes an ethereal white with a subtle pink tint.
  • Her ears become pointed, adding an intriguing mystical aspect to her appearance.
  • Her eyes are dynamic, mirroring her inner moral alignment.
  • She even grows a tail, reminiscent of some iconic characters in the Dragon Ball series.

This true form draws parallels to the enigmatic Majin race in the Dragon Ball universe, reflecting the fusion of Z Fighters, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu attributes within her.

Ageless Mystery

In an intimate conversation, Android 21 confides in the player, revealing a shocking secret. Despite her adult appearance, she’s less than a decade old, lamenting the absence of an adolescence. She finds it awkward when small children address her as “ma’am,” highlighting her unique predicament.

The Dichotomy of Android 21’s Personality

Android 21’s biology bestows upon her an insatiable instinct to feed, a trait that spiraled out of control due to her body’s rogue cells. Her preference for sweets, especially macarons, closely mirrors the tendencies of Majin Buu. However, her struggle to control this hunger leads to a fractured psyche, manifesting a duality in her personality.

When her true persona is in control, she emanates kindness and maternal warmth. In contrast, her evil side embraces sadism and a hunger for power, seeking to “devour” potent fighters. This dark aspect of her character shares similarities with the malevolent Majin race, inherited through Buu’s cells.

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  1. What are Android 21’s distinctive physical features?
    • Android 21 stands tall with glasses and long auburn hair.
    • She wears a high-neck minidress with a checker pattern, along with black tights and boots with gold tips.
  2. What triggers Android 21’s transformation into her true form?
    • Her true form emerges when her hunger-driven evil side takes control, resulting in a pink complexion, white hair, pointed ears, and dynamic eyes.
  3. How old is Android 21, despite her adult appearance?
    • Android 21 reveals that she is less than ten years old, leaving her without the experience of adolescence.
  4. What fuels Android 21’s relentless hunger?
    • Android 21’s biology compels her to feed, particularly on sweets, and this insatiable hunger stems from her body’s rogue cells.
  5. What are the two contrasting personalities within Android 21?
    • Android 21 possesses a kind and motherly persona when her true self is in control, while her evil side exhibits sadistic tendencies, desiring to devour powerful fighters.
  6. What is Android 21’s connection to Dr. Gero and Android 16?
    • Android 21 acknowledges Dr. Gero as her creator, but her knowledge of him is limited.
    • She appears to have a motherly affection for Android 16, whose design is based on her son.
  7. What role does Android 21 play in the Android 21 Arc?
    • In the Android 21 Arc, she becomes a pivotal character in the struggle to control her hunger and confront her enemies.
  8. How does Android 21’s power compare to other characters in the Dragon Ball universe?
    • Android 21’s power is exceptional, thanks to her unique combination of cells from powerful warriors and scientists.
  9. What is the significance of Android 21’s transformation in Dragon Ball FighterZ?
    • Her transformation is a critical plot point, as it represents the conflict between her good and evil sides, affecting the storyline.
  10. Which Dragon Ball games feature Android 21 as a playable character?
    • Android 21 is playable in games like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dragon Ball Heroes, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Dragon Ball Legends, and more.

Is Android 21 Gero’s wife?

No, Android 21 is not Dr. Gero’s wife. She was created by Dr. Gero as an android and does not have a familial or spousal relationship with him.

Why did Android 21 turn evil?

Android 21’s evil side emerged due to her uncontrollable hunger, which grew out of control as the cells in her body went berserk. The longer she went without feeding, the more her evil side gained control. This transformation was a result of the various cells in her body, including those from Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu, which contributed to her insatiable appetite and her evil tendencies.

Is Android 21 a Majin?

Yes, Android 21’s true form resembles that of a Majin, especially when her evil side takes over. Her appearance, including her pink skin, pointed ears, and the presence of a tail, is reminiscent of a Majin. This transformation is a result of the cells from Majin Buu that were part of her composition.

Is Android 21 even canon?

Android 21 is a character introduced in the video game “Dragon Ball FighterZ,” which is not part of the original “Dragon Ball” manga or anime created by Akira Toriyama. While she is not part of the official canon of the main series, she has gained popularity among fans of the “Dragon Ball” franchise through the game.


Android 21, with her compelling appearance, dual personalities, and insatiable hunger, is a character shrouded in mystery. Her presence in the Dragon Ball universe adds a layer of complexity to the lore, making her a captivating character for fans to explore.

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